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Simple Logic: No trader can be consistently profitable by relying on gut instinct or “a knack” for predicting the next market move.

The truly successful trader uses a proven methodology and applies a systematic, disciplined approach to every trading decision. It’s not only logical, it’s only right here.

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Join those that are the best, and those that want to be the best in the world of trading stocks, options, and futures. When you attend the Logical Trader Live Trading Symposium, you’ll walk away with the tools that can transform your career.

Special Dividend: Your registration fee is paid directly to Make-A-Wish Foundation, and your ticket includes entry to a free raffle drawing, with prizes worth tens of thousands!

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“..To anyone who wants to learn how to trade and takes the time to read this book, there is zero doubt that Fish's messianic willingness to share with the public the successful system he has developed is an opportunity to be exploited…” 
-Paul Tudor Jones, CEO Tudor Investments

“.. I strongly endorse this book for the beginning and for the professional trader alike.” 
-Dennis Gartman, Editor/Publisher The Gartman Letter

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